FTC Networks International Data Center Info

The FTC Global Tier One Network: Fast, Efficient and Accurate Data Transport
The powerfully built, flexible FTC Global Tier One Network uses the best, most up-to-date technologies to provide fast, efficient and accurate data transport. Our Network was designed and built by VERIO, NTT, COGENT, ALLEGIANCE, WILLIAMS, MFN, SAVVIS and ELI engineers for one purpose: to move Internet traffic-fast. FTC has assembled and operates on 14 Gigabit Ethernet links from six separate backbone providers.

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With more direct paths, routing options, and private peering points, FTC speeds your data to its destination with fewer hops, less packet loss and fewer delays. You get guaranteed high performance, plus 24/7/365 network monitoring by our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC)-all backed by the strength of trusted and stable industry leaders.

Our network features 14 Gigabit Ethernet links, OC3, OC12 and OC48 circuits as well as Cisco and Juniper Networks router technology. So, whether you're an Internet Service Provider serving several regions or simply need to support multiple users across a LAN, as long as your data is traveling on the FTC Global Tier One Network, you'll have the performance and reliability you need to keep your business moving.

Our Innovative, Best-of-Class Technology has Been Recognized Around the World

NTT Communications, a primary provider for FTC, recently won the Best Technology Foresight Award for pioneering new technologies. From 180 entries of leading global carriers and vendors worldwide, NTT Communications was selected the winner by an independent panel of 12 judges from around the world. This award is a testament to FTC’s commitment to use only best-of-class solutions providers for our customers.

IP Is Our Sole Network Focus

Unlike traditional voice communications companies that rely on legacy technology, our robust, flexible network uses only the latest and best technologies, handpicked by VERIO, NTT, COGENT, ALLEGIANCE, WILLIAMS, MFN, SAVVIS and ELI engineers to provide high-volume data transport at the complete range of commercial-strength bandwidths. Plus, the FTC network carries data only--there are no voice ride-alongs to clog traffic. Regular upgrades keep our network, and our customers, at the leading edge of dynamic Internet connectivity.

Built-in Redundancies

The FTC Global Tier One Network is your seamless connection to the world. The network features densely meshed paths between most major network points, both domestically and internationally.

From the beginning, we took redundancy very seriously, building at least two connections, each from a different carrier, at many of the major points in the network. Because we work with a diverse portfolio of carriers, our network is not reliant on one vendor in the event of an outage. These geographic and carrier redundancies ensure that your data will keep moving, even if a link fails.

Our Global Tier One Network has multiple, highly secure carrier-class Points Of Presence. Plus, due to our extensive private peering relationships our customers' data is able to bypass the congestion of the public Internet and get to its destination fast.

Superior Network Support

FTC has 24/7/365 network monitoring at our state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC) which provides real-time alarming, forecasting, traffic management, event notification, upgrades and service level agreements. The NOC also furnishes real-time network status reports to FTC Customer Care, enabling fast, highly responsive, single point-of-contact problem resolution.