About Us

FTC Networks, a teen based organization, is focused on the online community, which is one of the largest growth markets in today’s world economy. Teens have long been recognized as perhaps the best demographics for the bulk of product and services sales. Marrying the teen markets with the vast reach of the online community creates potential for a marketing bonanza.

What brings teens to FTC? FTC offers teens an over arching online experience unavailable elsewhere. The Fun Teen Chat Network was created as a direct result of MSN Chat’s decision to abandon teens altogether, and to turn the remaining user base into a subscription service. Although most teens weren’t interested in paying a subscription fee to utilize a service that has universally been considered free, MSN chose to completely forsake them all together, requiring its “subscribers” to be no less than 18 years of age. Many industry analysts cite MSN’s bleak financial viability as the reason for MSN’s decision to become a subscription only service. However, it is well known that as a result of MSN’s actions, their advertising revenues have plummeted and the future of MSN Chat, in any form is now seriously in doubt.

FTC is committed to its teen audience. The FTC Chat Service is and will remain completely free, and all vertically integrated sales will be conducted at the lowest price possible. Using its bulk rate purchasing power, FTC will pass on the savings to it membership. For example, FTC Computing manufactures top quality computers available to FTC users at rock bottom prices. As authorized Microsoft and Intel Original Equipment Manufacturers, FTC is able to pass on meaningful discounts that would not otherwise be available to its membership. In addition to equipment sales, FTC Internet Services offers a wide variety of domain registration, hosting and broadband services, designed to provide our users with the utmost quality, at the most cost effective pricing.

How then will FTC generate sufficient revenues to cover its costs and warrant continuing its free operations? Through commercial advertising, charged at a premium rate due to the pin point accuracy of our marketplace audience. Advertisers rarely have an opportunity to pitch their products to target market audiences as densely assembled as those found in the FTC family of online services. Unlike MSN, we will not fill our chat windows with rotating advertisements, or inundate our users with a barrage of popups. Instead, we offer homepage advertising in such a manner as to let our users know just which companies support their online interests, while exposing them to the advertiser’s product lines.

If you are an advertiser and wish to speak with an account executive to help craft an advertising campaign that fits your needs, please feel free to use the Advertise with Us link. Our advertising professionals will be in touch with you immediately.

This site is designed to be your gateway to the FTC online experience. Feel free to use any of the links on this site to visit our many online attractions, and see for yourself just how FTC can help you realize maximum target market exposure for your valuable advertising dollars.