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FTC Networks, LLC is the multi-media parent company for many vertically integrated entities, such as FTC Internet Services, FTC Computing, FTC Chat, The Radio B3 Broadcasting Network and more. This site is designed to be your gateway to the FTC online experience.  Feel free to visit our many online attractions, and see for yourself just how FTC can help you realize maximum target market exposure for your valuable advertising dollars.

FTC's Online Users Equals Increased Sales

FTC Networks, a teen based organization, is focused on the online community, which is one of the largest growth markets in today’s world economy. Teens have long been recognized as perhaps the best demographics for the bulk of product and services sales. Marrying the teen markets with the vast reach of the online community creates potential for a marketing bonanza. Today’s advertiser is now rethinking traditional advertising methods. The era of television redistributed advertising dollars away from radio, in order to chase advertiser’s target markets. The emergence of online teen dominance is forcing a similar reorganization. Whether you obtain exposure to our teens through the FTC Chat Service, or purchase air time on Radio B3, FTC Networks is the way you can influence “the influencers". [more info]

Network Security at FTC Networks, LLC

The FTC Networks Security Organization is unique in the network operations industry. Security has built a core team of highly qualified professionals devoted exclusively to enhancing security services for the Company, customer and for the members of our online communities. This team is tasked with developing effective security programs that integrate with and support our Company business operations to both ensure acceptance and to produce a positive impact on all aspects of our business. [more info]